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Criminal Matters

Honestly, there is no shortage of lawyers who will take on your criminal case. But the difference rest with the experience and reputation of that attorney. Marques has been doing this for over 15 years not just in the metro area, but as far west as Grand Junction, as far east as Holyoke, as far south as Trinidad, and as far north as Fort Collins. Marques has been there in the trenches with his client fighting matters like driving under the influence, theft, sex crimes, domestic violence, murder, and all types of assaults.  Whether it is a felonymisdemeanorDUItraffic offense, or a petty offense Marques and his team knows how to handle it. Marques is known for going to trial when the case calls for it, but also is there to negotiate on behalf of his client if needed. Marques has helped thousands of good people avoid harsh criminal sentences. 

Divorce Matters

For well over a decade MAI, PLLC has been handling all aspects of Colorado divorce cases. These cases are easily the most complex of all domestic relation cases. The goal of this firm is to help you prepare to begin your new life with the comfort of knowing that your needs and the needs of your children are met. Simply put, we are ready to settle the matter or take the matter to trial. We also handle Civil Unions, Child Support, Property Division, Alimony, Premarital Agreements, Mediation, Restraining Orders, and Contempt of Court matters.

Personal Injury Matters

Simply put there are hundreds of personal injury lawyers out there. The difference is that we limit the number of personal injury cases we take. We do not operate on volume, we operate on personal and immediate service. Marques use to represent the insurance companies and knows exactly how they operate. Marques has taken that experience and used it for the benefit of his clients. The firm has handled auto accident injury cases, pedestrian accident injury cases, Colorado wrongful death cases, and motorcycle accident injury cases. Give the firm a call and see how we can help you.